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In Pursuit of Greed was completed in '96 and my second published commercial product. By this time, Channel 7 had morphed into a corporation called Mind Shear Software. At peak, we had 5 full time developers and a number of contractors. Greed was written in C and Assembly and based on the Raven Engine (also used in Shadowcaster, and similar to Rise of the Triad's engine) by Id. This engine was roughly between Wolfenstein and Doom tech-wise. I added many additional features such as transparency, sky box, fixed bugs with sloping floors and ceilings, etc. I also wrote tools for level editing. The graphics were pre-rendered from 3D Studio Max.

The player's goal is to collect various artifacts to reach a required level of value. There are secondary artifacts as well but the primary is required to complete a level.

Raven Engine Notes (from id):

  "Right now, the engine supports a bi-quadrilateral projection scheme (ala 
  Wolfenstein) but with some notable exceptions:

  First, the engine supports lighting in the form of distance shading
  (i.e. it get darker the farther away one goes in the z direction) for 
  an added effect of depth.  In the future, we will add localize lighting
  so that certain rooms can be darker than others and a torch can light up
  the surrounding areas (ala Doom).

  Second, we have the ability to move along the y-axis and can create the
  effect of bobbing up and down as we walk, jumping, falling down, etc.

  Third, our floors and ceilings are texture-mapped adding even more to the
  visual detail.  We will probably put in some detail options including 
  shutting off floor and ceiling texturing to support slower machines.  We
  can even shut off the ceiling and provide and scrolling skyline.

  Fourth, the engine supports 8 rotation views for any object or sprite
  (ala Doom).

  Lastly, (not shown in demo) our ceiling and floor tile support morphing for
  realistic contours.  In simpler terms, we can make some ceilings higher 
  than others and the adjacent tiles will stretch and morph to make a smooth
  transitional surface.  We can thus create cavernous rooms with huge 

Music for In Pursuit of Greed was also written by Andrew Sega. We own all rights to the game and the music. Some critics say the music was better than the game. Unfortunately, I tend to agree. =P

These sources are provided for educational and historical purposes.  
No assets or code may be used in any way commercially.  
Personal and educational use only.

Asset Copyright Ownership
Sound Andrew Sega (Necros of the Psychic Monks) Mind Shear Software / Channel 7
Art Mind Shear Software Mind Shear Software
Raven Engine id Software Softdisk Publishing
Game Code Mind Shear Software Mind Shear Software

Slightly modified Raven Engine (as I got it):

Full Build (as originally released):


External Links:

boolean ClipMove(int angle,fixed_t xmove, fixed_t ymove)
 fixed_t dx, dy;
 int     angle2;

 if (TryMove(angle,dx,dy) && TryDoor(dx,dy))
   if (floorpic[(dy>>FRACTILESHIFT)*MAPCOLS+(dx>>FRACTILESHIFT)]==0) return false;
   return true;
// the move goes into a wall, so try and move along one axis
 if (xmove>0) angle2=EAST;
  else angle2=WEST;
 if (TryMove(angle2,dx,player.y) && TryDoor(dx,player.y))
   if (floorpic[(player.y>>FRACTILESHIFT)*MAPCOLS+(dx>>FRACTILESHIFT)]==0)
    return false;
   return true;
 if (ymove>0) angle2=SOUTH;
  else angle2=NORTH;
 if (TryMove(angle2,player.x,dy) && TryDoor(player.x,dy))
   if (floorpic[(dy>>FRACTILESHIFT)*MAPCOLS+(player.x>>FRACTILESHIFT)]==0)
    return false;
   return true;
 return false;
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